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Solution Oriented Coaching for English Speakers

When is coaching helpful?

Demanding, draining, frustrating and painful phases in our business and private lives can become chances! A great opportunity for personal exploration and growth lies is the recognition that some changes are desired or even necessary. 

There are many excellent coaching tools and techniques which can assist you in broadening your perspectives, in discovering more about yourself and those around you and in understanding and influencing the systems and roles you are moving in. Skilled coaching not only helps you to reflect on desirable and reachable solutions and goals in your unique professional and private life situations, but also encourages and supports you while taking those desired next steps.


My goal is to offer my clients encouraging support, to help them find and maintain a healthy, productive focus and outlook on life and to be able to live a more fulfilled, resilient and balanced lifestyle. As a leadership and personal life coach, I find great satisfaction and purpose in accompanying the following target groups:

  • top talents, high potentials, leaders (men and women of all ages)
  • their partners and family members 
  • their teams
  • women (in all life phases and situations)
  • moms of all ages / moms balancing careers and profession / at home moms
  • couples and intercultural couples living in Germany (English or German speakers)
  • internationals who relocated to Germany
  • German and International students 

Some possible coaching or counseling topics may be:

  • leadership, communication and social skill development
  • personality development (self-confidence and impact, strength and value orientation, living an authentic lifestyle, etc.)
  • team development (diversity and inclusion)
  • accompaniment of women and men in or on the way to leadership positions
  • maintaining a healthy and happpy life balance with stress management and resilience skills
  • relocation coaching: understanding and adjusting to the German or North American culture and people / ...or for dealing with intercultural challenges on the job, at home or in the community 
  • conflict management in an organization, a team or at home (e.g. in relationships with partners, friends, one's own children or adult parents) 
  • educational direction, career-and after-career orientation
  • management of change, new beginnings, transitions, personal crisis, disabilities, stress, bereavement or loss

To find out more about me and why supporting people in their personal growth is my passion, see Tab "About me." 


For a first, informative, cost-free coaching session or counseling appointment to explore options and a possible fit, please contact me at +49 6222 73391 or refer to my contact page.